What if…? Gallery

A friendly art gallery in the heart of Dartford, Kent. Run by artists for artists.


We would like to send a very big thank you to all for supporting us, without the artists that paint and exhibit with us, we would not be able to continue our good work. Please remember that all the volunteers at the gallery do not get paid at all but put in many hours of their spare time to make the gallery a pleasant and welcoming place to visit.

from Ruth and Anne

67/69 High Street, Dartford, Kent, DA1 1DJ.


We are open from Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm and on Saturday we are open 11am – 5pm

Don’t forget to Like Us on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter to keep updated on what’s happening at the gallery using the links on the right (or below if you’re on a mobile device). If you would like to see what is happening at the Gallery then please visit our Events Page for more information.

Here at the What if…? Gallery we aim to encourage Art in all it’s diversity.

We want creative people – photographers, sculptors, painters or artists of all sorts to be able to use our facilities and take part in this unique project. We want YOU to come in and meet us – and see where we end up.

We started our project back in 2006 when we wanted to make use of the building that was due for demolition, and eight years later we are still here! This experiment has been hugely successful. You can see from the photographs that we have an impressive shop front and gallery on the high street in Dartford town centre, where we welcome all interested and interesting people.

As Principal of the gallery I have been supported by a trustworthy team of volunteers since the inception. We operate as an artist’s co-operative and my volunteers look after the gallery and in return may display their work, or perhaps just really enjoy being part of this extraordinary scheme.

The building is kindly rented to us by Tesco for a peppercorn rent and these low costs are passed on to artists who want to exhibit with us and those that want to learn to paint. This ensures inclusion for all members of the community.

Please come along and support us in any way you can.

Best wishes

Ruth Howard

What if…? Gallery

(Whole Community Works – Charity No. 1111016)

Our current band of volunteers and valuable supporters are Anne Langeroux (Lead) and Chris Knight, Christine Collins, Peter Auld, Doug Clark, Carol Cochran, Jan Clifton, Richard Slater and Ruth Howard.

Our website is managed by Sim Pyne and Lisa England.

If you have any enquiries about the gallery or want to talk about our determination please telephone or email myself. Telephone 017940 836672 or email whatifgallery@gmail.com

Our Volunteers

Charity No. 1111016

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