What if…? Gallery

……in the heart of Dartford, Kent.


Mark has some stunning work in the gallery at the moment. He is preparing now for a new exhibition in London and is becoming one of the most important artists on the London art scene, so why not pop into Dartford Gallery and check out his collectible art works now?

mark petty 2

Locally-based Sheila Ottley, exhibited in 2014 with London’s Royal Society of British Artists at the Mall Galleries. She is a landscape and figurative artist since first studying Art at Eltham’s Avery Hill College in 1970. Sheila lives in Bexley and works ‘en plein aire’ and from home in an attic studio using her sketches and photographs.

She focuses on people, landscapes and townscapes – both at home and abroad. Sheila uses a variety of media to best capture these compositions including pastel, oil, acrylic and watercolour. She also finds life drawing an essential aid to train her eye in her work. Sheila says she is “constantly experimenting with texture, light, colour and shape” and reveals she is “drawn to impressionism and I paint every day. I find there is nothing better than painting plein air with my oils and palette knife.”
Contact the ‘what if…? Gallery’ for more details.

My name is Dan Lane but I work under the name of MECHANICA. My life has been mainly driven by a need to know how things work, and how things come apart and go to together again, add to that a love for all things unusual and I have my inspiration to create my art pieces. Each piece is the result of months of searching and collecting parts and features. I then employ a unique and meticulous technique of arranging and rearranging hundreds of parts that can take countless hours. The end result is a dark yet beautiful take on natural forms by mechanical intervention; an industrial version of life.

I have recently been working for CASTLE GALLERIES – whose head office is in Mayfair and since my association with THE WHAT IF…? GALLERY in Dartford have been taking my art work on a national tour.


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