What if…? Gallery

……in the heart of Dartford, Kent.

Welcome to the What If…? Gallery


This week:

We have now opened our Annual Christmas Fair – our favourite artists have been invited to submit art work and arty-bits in the run up to the festive season so that YOU can purchase some really wonderful unique pieces for your friends and family.

Dartford Central Library re-opened on 14.11.16 and to coincide with this event What if…? has installed some great art work in the Peter Blake Gallery. Great new works by James Taylor – A collector’s dream.

The Julie Woolnough and Elleanor Bartlett Exhibition is now finished.

LIFE SESSIONS – We present a monthly Life session – may be tutored maybe untutored. Clothed maybe unclothed. The cost is usually just £7.50 (untutored) and you will need to bring your own art materials.

OUR NEXT LIFE SESSION IS ON WEDNESDAY 14TH DECEMBER BETWEEN 6.00 AND 9PM. We welcome back Rosie our model and ask for those that are interested in coming along you book a place in advance. Usual Wednesday Creative evening activities also take place on the same evening.


* * *

The Bluewater POP UP SHOP is now closed!

Don’t forget
Every Wednesday evening from 6-9pm we hold our Open Arts evening at the what if…? Gallery. Come along and join in the fun. Bring something you want to paint/draw/make. It costs just £3.50 and you will be amazed how inspiring it is to be with other people whilst they work – although it is an untutored session. Over 16’s only.

15 thoughts on “Welcome to the What If…? Gallery

  1. Hi,
    I am an artist printmaker, living and working in Beckenham, Kent.
    I am also part of a printmaking group who came to know each other through printmaking class in Lewisham.
    I / we are looking for opportunities to exhibit my / our work.
    Are you able to offer a space for hire and if so can you give me details of costs etc?
    I will look forward to hearing back from you.
    Lucy Cooper

    • I hope you received our email regarding exhibitions. In Dartford we are taking bookings for 2016-17 now and hope you will get in touch again if you want to reserve the gallery. We have not had many printmakers contact us, so it would be grand for us to see your work.

  2. Hi, how can I get involved in these exhibitions? They’re a great idea. I’d love to exhibit my work.
    Many thanks

  3. Hi

    Quick questio. I am a landscape photographer.

    I have done a few canvas prints recently. Would you be interested in displaying?

    Happy to pay etc…

    • Hi Dave,
      further to your enquiry in November 2015 I am now pleased to say that we are holding a LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHERS/ARTISTS exhibition which for you to take part – would be free of charge !! amazing isn’t it?

      We look forward to meeting you
      best wishes
      Ruth @ what if …? Gallery

      Please contact Anne on the what if…? Gallery website to enquire,

  4. Do you run printmaking workshops?

  5. I’ve been told I could get an item framed in the gallery. Is this correct?

  6. Hi I don’t know if you can help but I visited the pop up gallery in bluewater and purchased a picture I also say something else I liked but can’t remember the artists name. It was a pen and ink drawing of a fish bowl with blocks of flats in the background with what looked like junk dumped at the bottom of the bowl such as a trolly. Hope you can help me with the name of the artist and a website that I could buy one.
    Many thanks

    • Good morning Nichola.
      Thank you for your enquiry regarding our fine artist David Boughton (a.k.a. El Davo) his work is very collectable and I have passed your email address to him, so he can contact you directly.
      Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any problems. Look out for us later in the year when we hope to be at Bluewater again where Dave will be exhibiting some more of his work – many thanks
      from Ruth @ what if…Gallery

  7. Hi, we have a painting by a DW Hicks, Dartford. Have you ever heard of this artist?

    • Hello there
      Yes D Hicks was a local Dartford artist who lived in the borough until he died in the early 80’s I think. He was a member of Dartford Art Group. I will try and find out more information for you.

  8. Hi

    I am a textile artist and tutor living in Bexley and wondering if you could show my work or have me as a tutor. Please contact me on the below info.

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