What if…? Gallery

……in the heart of Dartford, Kent.


Watercolour Workshops
Each Tuesday afternoon we host open workshops, tutored by Doug Clark and Ruth Howard. You can choose either a 2 hour (£7.50) or 3 hour (£10.00) session. It is a very friendly group and accommodates beginners right through to the more accomplished. Please bring some art materials with you – but if you do want to purchase some good materials at reasonable costs the following list is the basic requirement:

Pencils (including HB) and putty Eraser;
Watercolour Paper – the heavier the better (250g) and /or sketching cartridge paper;
Winsor and Newton brushes (Cotman are student quality but very good – sizes 12 or 4 or 7);
St. Petersburg White Nights Paint – paintboxes that include pans are very good but tubed paints tend to be a bit more fiddly.

* * *

Doug tells us of his involvement with the Gallery:
From the age of four I was usually found pencil sketching or composing comics before discovering the wonders of colour paints and lessons at school. This joy of painting lasted through Art School and into the business world where art eventually took a backseat while setting up and running my own Surveying Company. Apart from the occasional commission and exhibition little art was achieved until I found the What If Gallery which filled a substantial void – reminding me just how great and important the wonderful interest of art can be, whatever your level of involvement and personal achievement. As a reasonably experienced painter, the gallery provides a unique opportunity to extend my scope of work, to meet with a wide variety of interested folk and to extend my knowledge and artistic enjoyment by helping would be artists through teaching and instruction in basic brushwork, colour mixing and application. In teaching I find it is mutually rewarding to tap into a vein of particular artistic interest that gains and retains an individual’s attention, or to create a progressive avenue of results that holds such interest and encourages students to want to self progress and to learn more.I have found that project Workshops, which result in a ‘take home’ painting, provide many of the essential techniques in an entertaining series of sessions for the students. There is however, always a place, time and benefit for the basic art lessons to start the interest that wets the appetite as well as the palate and paper – why don’t you come along and join us?

Now Ruth Howard explains how she loves to encourage new artists to pursue a wonderful new hobby, and tells us about her background:
I started painting in watercolour back in the 70’s and quickly became Secretary of Dartford Art Group where I am still responsible for managing the Club and mounting exhibitions for members. With more major exhibitions being staged in London and indeed all over the world I have seen a very real increase in the number of people taking an interest in Art – either as the audience or more commonly as a practise. I have developed my art interest into other media such as pastel and oil painting but I still believe watercolour is the perfect medium for producing a light and fresh painting, to achieve paintings that do not appear laboured. I have a loose style and love the artistic process of seeing a painting develop before your eyes! (Not a case of watching paint dry but more of seeing what wonderful things happen with pigment and water). Tutoring at the what if..? gallery has taught me that newcomers have to gain confidence by not being afraid and to just splash the paint around without inhibitions. Its just a case of giving it a try, and if drawing is not your strong point – why worry? just paint! Look forward to seeing you!!


Oil Painting Masterclass with Richard Slater

Learn to master oil painting with Richard Slater from 7:30pm to 9:30pm every Tuesday.

The cost is £10 per session.  Please contact Richard on 07773210828 for more information.

New Arts and Crafts Session for Visually Impaired Artists

We offer an arts and crafts session for artists with visual impairments and can provide opportunities to exhibit the finished artwork.

Please email Ruth at whatifgallery@gmail.com for more details.

11 thoughts on “Classes

  1. I highly, I’m TRYING to draw and I’m finding it difficult, do you have classes for absolute beginners?

    • Hello – why don’t you try and come along on a Tuesday afternoon. We can cover the basics of watercolour painting and some advice can be given on drawing.
      We would like to see you and have had many beginners start with us.

  2. Hello, I am interested in a water colour painting session, do we need to bring our own painting equipment and things?

    • Hello Clair
      Yes please, basic drawing and painting materials will be fine, we can use the first session to explore exactly what materials you might need.
      Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday afternoons.

  3. I am thinking of starting to paint … complete novice.
    Do you do any evening lessons?

    • HI Anna

      on Wednesday evenings from 6-9pm we have an informal art session where you can come along and paint draw or anything else creative that you like.
      It is not a structured class but there will be people there to guide you/inspire you and its just £5 per session.

      • Hi i would be interested in this i live in hextable but dont know dartford very well where would i park please?

      • We are next to the Acacia Hall car park, but there are also car parks in Overy Street near the Rose pub going down towards Wickes.
        There are also places to park in the multi story above Sainsbury

    • Here are some Art workshop details:

      Family COLLAGE WORKSHOP with Fiona Friday 3rd August 1-4pm
      Family Arts/crafts workshop Friday 24th August 1-3pm
      HALLOWEEN WORKSHOP Friday 26th October 1-3pm
      All above workshops are just £5 per person

      FUNTOONS WITH Tayo – Cartoon workshops for all the family –
      £7.50 for each participant.
      1st August at 11am meet Tayo at Dartford Library and take part in a taster session for just £2
      Also Wednesday 15th August from 11-12pm and 12.30-1.30pm
      Fun sessions where you will learn all the tricks of the trade
      creating your own cartoon character.

  4. Could you tell me if you any events planned during the February half term.

    Many Thanks

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