What if…? Gallery

A friendly art gallery in the heart of Dartford, Kent. Run by artists for artists.

Welcome to the What If…? Gallery

Just in case you wondered…… we are a Community arts project and registered as a charity. Back in 2005 we planned to use an empty shop in Dartford town centre for an arts project – just for 6 months – but it has been so successful we are still there 10 years later!!!

We provide workshops for those interested in painting and art and can accommodate your group meetings.
Currently we host Carlton Resource centre, The Vision Art group, Dartford Art Group and Sing and Sign for young children.

Please email whatifgallery@gmail.com if you are interested in our activities


We are pleased to announce that from Monday 16th November through to 31st December 2015 we have our Christmas Fair where artist and craftspeople have their work on display. Come and get some of those gifts now before they all go.

Bluewater pop up shop!
We had a fantastic time and sales were amazing but unfortunately it was only for 6 weeks and we are now finished – but we are still beavering away in Dartford.
The money raised for our charity will be used to improve the lighting facilities at our Dartford shop where exhibitions and workshops continue as normal.
We are hoping to repeat this event soon so please be part of the ‘what if…?’ culture and become a Friend or participating artist.

See more on our Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the What If…? Gallery

  1. Hi,
    I am an artist printmaker, living and working in Beckenham, Kent.
    I am also part of a printmaking group who came to know each other through printmaking class in Lewisham.
    I / we are looking for opportunities to exhibit my / our work.
    Are you able to offer a space for hire and if so can you give me details of costs etc?
    I will look forward to hearing back from you.
    Lucy Cooper

  2. Hi, how can I get involved in these exhibitions? They’re a great idea. I’d love to exhibit my work.
    Many thanks

  3. Hi

    Quick questio. I am a landscape photographer.

    I have done a few canvas prints recently. Would you be interested in displaying?

    Happy to pay etc…

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